About Tag20 the Sport


Tag20 is the 21st century evolution in sport, the game is fast and exciting combining all of the best attributes associated with Rugby codes while eliminating the tackling.

Players can side step, kick and pass the ball while promoting the ball down field to ultimately score a try in the oppositions in goal zone. Defenders stop the attackers progress by removing one or both tags located on the hip region on their Tag20 shorts. All players have two (2) tags one on each hip attached by velcro patches, this allows defenders easy access to the tags of the player in possession of the ball.

Seven (7) players in each team are allowed on the field at a time, Tag20 field dimensions are 70 metres long by 50 metres wide. The team in possession have five (5) plays (or tags) in which to score points by placing the ball in the opposition’s in-goal zone. When a tag has been removed the player in possession then restarts play (at the place the tag was removed) by rolling the ball backwards between their legs to a team mate. After the fifth tag has been removed the ball is then handed over to the opposition, who now have the five (5) plays in which to score.

Scoring is achieved by placing the ball in the opposition’s in-goal area, referred to as a try. A three (3) point try is awarded when the ball is placed correctly in the central zone of the in-goal area. A two (2) point try is awarded when the ball is placed correctly in any other part of the in-goal area.

The skills performed in the game of Tag20 are similar to those from other sports and rugby codes, the major difference being the tag replaces the impact of a tackle. Thus creating a fun game which enhances your quality of life through fitness and sport. It can be played by many and enjoyed by all while getting you "GAME FIT FOR LIFE".